Samuraii - A Two Player Katana Battle Action Game

Idea, design, code & music by Torsten Hartmann, Animations by Eduard Anton

How to Play
1. Wait for the Kabuki cry, otherwise you will kill yourself!
2. Try to hit your action key fast. Player one's action key is "X", player two's is "M".
3. The first to hit his/her action key is the attacker.
4. The opponent now only can defend using his/her action key and very precise timing.

I really don't know if this is going to work out. I mean: A game for two players on one keyboard? Come on! Yeah. But hey, let's give it a try. I ripped off the double "i" from Nintendo Wii for the two player aspect. Shame on me. This is the second game I did with the help of Eduard Anton. Be sure to check out his page.

I'm thinking about adding more stuff in the future. If this is going to work out.

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