Hutton Minimal 🐶

This is a Pico-8 demake of the infamous flight to Hutton Orbital in Elite Dangerous. Originally, it is a space station 0,22 lightyears away from its star. It takes over one and a half hour in real time to reach it. Players either hate or love it. I for myself love it and decided to make this little game about it. But don't worry: You don't have to fly over an hour. The T-5 hauler featured in this demake is fitted with the finest thruster technology. This baby will take you to Hutton Minimal in about 15 minutes! Free conda and all.

The Rogue like Update!

I spiced this game up a little. Now it's not just a waiting game for 0,22 lightyears. It's a little rogue like too! You will encounter events on your way to Hutton Minimal like mining, fighting and even short cutting, if this is even a word. And you have a co-pawlet on your side: A Space Shiba Inu! This might not work out at all because of stuff like balancing and all but there is a Space Shiba Inu and I think this is worth a lot.

You can turn your thruster on and off. Preferably you turn it on if you want to reach your destination. You only really need to turn it off once you are there. But remember to do so in time or you miss Hutton Minimal. The T-5 has a really good thruster but its turning cycle is a big mess (yes, you have to start over).


  • A lot of commodities ranging from alpacas to rare PlayStation 5 consoles.
  • A ton of monologue.
  • New spaceship never seen before in the Elite universe.
  • Random encounters from rogue space corgies to corrupt authorities.

Where can I play it?

Play it right here in the browser at the top of the page.
Or download the cart and play it in your PICO-8 fantasy console.
Or search for "Hutton Minimal" in Splore of your PICO-8 fantasy console.


C, V, Arrow keys.
Or use a gamepad.


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