This one is just a small PICO-8 shoot'em-up (shmup) with a little twist or as I like to call it: A Shmup Short Story.

The rules are simple:

  1. Try to survive 120 seconds.
  2. Shoot debris to raise bonus.
  3. Beat the hi-score.

That's all.

Shoot enemies, juggle debris, collect coins, survive. Juggling debris will raise the bonus you get for destroying enemies. Every time your bonus is raised by 50 points all bullets on the screen will turn into gold items. Collect those for additional 75 points each.

Where can I play it?

Right here on Itch, over at the Pico-8 website or if you own a PICO-8, just download the game and copy the .png file to your PICO-8 cart folder.


←→↓↑ + C, V

Or use a gamepad

Thanks for playing.


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nice gameplay, grippy controls!